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Tips for new electric scooter riders

While you may consider yourself quite experienced in terms of riding your old manual scooter. You must understand that there are great differences between the manual and electrical versions.

For starters, you have motors and suspensions involved in the electrical version. There is a battery and charging, speeds differ greatly as you any no longer using one foot to balance and the other to accelerate. To ensure a great riding experience, its best to pace yourself and take the whole learning curve seriously. Many websites such as offer a lot of information about electric scooters that a rider can benefit from. When you take your first ride on your electric scooter, you may find balancing much easier and controlled in the startup session, however as soon as you start accelerating, keeping balance may become just a bit more demanding.

In case you experience trouble or about to have an accident, remember the basic rule! Safety first!. You do not wish to harm yourself or the others, therefore if you are in an unavoidable situation, do not attempt to save your electric scooter. Instead try your best to get out of harm’s way as best as you can.

During your daily usage and especially during a longer commute, make sure to keep an eye on the speed and mileage. Your battery indicator would give you sufficient warning time to minimize any surprise stoppages.

The best tip for new riders is to start in empty parking lots, away from most obstacles and traffic. To ensure your and others’ safety you should not be practicing in the busy neighborhood streets or near a congested traffic area. Remember that riding an electric scooter could be a lot of fun and convenient. With some basic safety precautions, practice and good handling you could be having a lot of fun riding your way through streets and alleys in no time.